Attractions in Boston

Located in the center of Boston's financial district, Boston South Station provides travelers and locals alike with many opportunities for fun and adventure while awaiting the train. The station's surround area is bounding with activities; all one has to do is look.

Beacon Hill
An historic neighborhood in Boston, Beacon Hill is brimming with quaintness, from its architecture, to gaslights, gardens, and its brick sidewalks, to its pear trees. This is where the elite of Boston, in its earlier days, made their homes. Beacon Hill is lined with shops and restaurants frequented by locals and tourists alike. Located less than twenty minutes walking from Boston South Station, Beacon Hill is the perfect place to pass the time while waiting for a train.

Boston Common
At over fifty acres, Boston Common is the oldest park in the United States. It serves as the centerpiece for a broader collection of parks throughout Boston known as the Emerald Necklace, a series of parks that connect a multitude of the city's many neighborhoods. The Common is steeped in history, having witnessed public hangings in the mid-1800s, and serving as a camp for British soldiers during the Revolutionary War before they set out to the historical battles of Lexington and Concord. The park serves as an amazing place to enjoy the sunshine in Boston while awaiting a train, as it is less than a fifteen-minute walk from Boston South Station.

Boston Public Library
On a day when the weather is not cooperating, there is no better place to go while waiting for a train a Boston South Station than to the Boston Public Library. This library was established in 1848, and it is the oldest free library in the United States. It is only a short walk from Boston South Station, and there is no better place to lose oneself than among books.

Freedom Trail
Located a short distance from Boston South Station, Freedom Trail is a two and a half mile walking trail made of red bricks that takes visitors on a tour of sixteen nationally recognized and significant historic sites. The Freedom Trail is made up of churches, museums, parks, and even a ship that detail historic events like the American Revolution and other nationally important events.

Any stop at Boston South Station for any duration of time allows visitors the opportunity to explore historic Boston they never thought possible. Booming with activities, venturing into the city close to Boston South Station is a must for any visitor.