Dining near Boston South Station

If you find yourself in the Boston South Station area looking for someplace to eat, there are a variety of culinary options. First, Boston's Chinatown is located only minutes away by foot from Boston South Station. One recommended option is to try any one of the dim sum restaurants in the Chinatown restaurant district.

Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine involving small bite sized culinary dishes that are often served in small steamer baskets or on small plates by roaming servers pushing carts and that is shared family style. Two dim sum restaurants in the district stand out. One is Hei La Moon, where the pork buns and chicken feet are juicy and delicious. The other standout is China Pearl. A bustling, two story restaurant, China Pearl provides authentic dim sum at a reasonable price. Finally, a third recommended restaurant is Winsor Dim Sum Cafe. The steamed barbecue pork buns at Winsor Dim Sum Cafe are considered some of the best in Chinatown. The average meal budget for any of the restaurants is around fifteen dollars per person. But keep in mind that lunch hours from 11AM-1PM on the weekends are particularly busy so prepare to wait twenty or thirty minutes in line.

If dim sum doesn't arouse any interest, there are several excellent xiao long bao, or soup dumpling, restaurants in Chinatown. For authentic soup dumplings filled with flavorful soup and meat filling, head to Dumpling Cafe. If Dumpling Cafe is full, the nearby Gourmet Dumpling House is a solid second choice. Other restaurants popular for their soup dumplings include Dumpling King and Taiwan Cafe. Taiwan Cafe is also famous for its a la carte menu dishes besides their dumplings.

In addition to Chinese food restaurants, there are other Asian cuisine restaurants in Chinatown. Pho Pasteur offers the most authentic and delicious Vietnamese food. Their rare eye round beef pho and pork and spring roll vermicelli dishes are highly popular. In addition to Pho Pasteur, Ginza offers solid Japanese and sushi fare and Shabu Zen offers shabu shabu, a Japanese hot pot dish perfect to warm up on a cold Boston day.

Besides, Chinatown, there are several restaurants in the Leather District near Boston South Station. Les Zygomates offers French food for lunch and dinner at a reasonable price and its next door neighbor Sorriso offers Italian food in a nice atmosphere and at a mid range price.