Getting Around Boston

South Station makes it easy to get wherever you want to go in Boston. It's also easy to get to South Station. Three Amtrak lines, seven commuter lines, two subway lines and long distance bus lines share the facilities. Local bus lines originate from there as well. Taxis are always waiting, too. South Station commuter rail lines include Framingham/Worcester, Fairmont, Franklin, Greenbush, Needham, Providence/Stoughton, Plymouth/Kingston and Middleborough/Lakeville.

Amtrak's Northeast Regional, Acela and Lakefront Limited trains all arrive at South Station. The Lakeshore Limited travels to Chicago and back via Albany, NY. The Acela is an express train. The Northeast Regional brings riders up from Washington, D.C. and New York City. Back Bay Station, which serves the same Amtrak trains, is just one silver line stop west. From Back Bay you can catch the subway orange line.

The Downeaster, which travels to/from New Hampshire and Maine, uses North Station. From South Station, take the red line north to Park Street Station, just two stops. Transfer to the Green Line and take the third stop: North Station. At North Station, you can catch additional commuter rail lines: Fitchburg, Haverhill, Lowell, and Newburyport/Rockport.

From South Station, take the silver line to Logan Airport. You can also use the silver line to go to the Design Center and other waterfront destinations. In the other direction, the silver line goes as far south as Dudley Square. The red line goes south to Braintree or north to Alewife. On the red, go north one stop for the Orange Line or two stops for the Green Line. Use either the Green or Orange to connect to the Blue Line.

Out of town buses also use South Station as a central terminal. If you are traveling to or from many U.S. and Canadian destinations by bus, you will arrive at or depart from South Station.

When you arrive at South Station, you are in walking distance to Boston's financial district, children's musem, Chinatown, Institute of Contemporary Art, and Tufts University. Rowes Wharf ferry terminal is just blocks from South Station. There you can catch a commuter ferry to several destinations in the area. You can walk to the Convention Center, if that's your destination, or hop the Silver Line to the World Trade Center.